Click to enlargeThere are more than 350 clinical and scientific reports about the health benefits of Nordic Pole Walking available in scientific publications. (Person in the picture is not a certified Nordic Pole Instructor)

I am a Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor in Canada.

As someone who has been "in" and "out" of shape over my lifetime, I know how it feels being completely sedentary as well as how it feels to be very physically fit and active for hours a day. To stay fit, usually involves finding an exercise you love that's easy to do.

What I love about Nordic Pole Walking is that it's EASY, it's AFFORDABLE, LOW IMPACT and it's a FULL BODY WORKOUT. Nordic Pole Walking is also FLEXIBLE and FUN - you can start at a beginner level where you walk with ease but can also increase intensity and make it a hard workout if that's something you are interested in. You can pack your poles in a suitcase and take them ANYWHERE! Learn More: Science behind Nordic Pole Walking

I have taught children as young as 7 years old and seniors 80 years old .... Nordic Pole Walking is for EVERYONE!

Nordic Walking Starter Kit $59.95 FREE Shipping
Nordic Walking Starter Kit $59.95 FREE Shipping

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Nordic Walking Starter Kit $59.95 FREE Shipping NW107 HI Protector Nordic Walking STARTER Set. Pair of adjustable exercise walking poles (for One person). Color Blue with Mini Compass. FREE Standard Shipping (only sold in the USA)Suggested Retail: $89.00Our Price: $59.95

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