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Who needs a Locked Medication Pill Dispenser?

By assisting patients with the management of their medication schedules, this e-pill system helps patients take the right medicine in the right amount, at the right time. | This e-pill puts your Medicine in a Cup.

Automatic Pill Medication Dispenser
Automatic Pill Machine
Automated Medicine Dispenser

According to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the number of people treated in U.S. hospitals for illnesses and injuries related to taking medications jumped 52 percent between 2004 and 2008 from 1.2 million to 1.9 million.

These side effects and injuries result from taking or being given the incorrect dosage or medication.

The e-pill MD1 Automatic Medication (Pill) Dispenser is a popular solution for patients you fear might not be correctly taking their medications. It is commonly used by the Veterans Administration (VA) and many visiting nurse organizations.

The e-pill MD1 Automatic Pill Dispenser (991019) is a one-time purchase ($289.95) with NO MONTHLY FEES. With this and other electronic e-pill medication reminders, patients have a higher compliance rate (often 95% or more / published clinical compliance study) when it comes to taking their medications as scheduled.

If you have a patient or a loved one, who could benefit from the use of an automatic pill dispenser, please have them or their loved ones call e-pill Medication Reminders at 1-800-549-0095 or visit us on-line at

If you answer YES to Two (2) or More of the questions below, you may need an Automatic Pill Dispenser:

  • Patient wants to take medications properly?
  • Patient has one or more chronic medical conditions?
  • Takes multiple medications or have complex medication regimens?
  • Patient may have been hospitalized already for missed or over-dose of medications?.
  • Patient who is at risk for medical complications, hospitalization, admission round-the-clock care facility?
  • Patient may have cognitive impairment?
  • Have limited mobility and are at risk for falls?
  • Require assistance with medication (poor medication adherence) already today?

  • Automatic Pill Dispenser NO Monthly FEES
    Automatic Pill Dispenser NO Monthly FEES

    Suggested Retail: $450.00
    Our Price: $289.95
    Best Medication Dispenser Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser (No Monthly Fees)
    Best Medication Dispenser Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser (No Monthly Fees)

    Suggested Retail: $895.00
    Our Price: $789.95
    Automatic Pill Dispenser e-pill Accutab (under cabinet)
    Automatic Pill Dispenser e-pill Accutab (under cabinet)

    Suggested Retail: $79.95
    Our Price: $39.95
    Automatic Pill Dispenser
    Automatic Pill Dispenser

    Suggested Retail: $495.00
    Our Price: $389.95
    Automated Pill Dispensers
    Automated Pill Dispensers

    Assistive Devices
    Assistive Devices

    SafeHip SOFT Women
    SafeHip SOFT Women

    Suggested Retail: $99.95
    Our Price: $89.95
    HipGuard Protector
    HipGuard Protector

    Suggested Retail: $139.95
    Our Price: $129.95

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