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Learn How Hip Protectors Work!

JAMA / Efficacy of a Hip Protector to Prevent Hip Fracture in Nursing Home Residents: The HIP PRO Randomized Controlled Trial

More Science & Studies | NEJM Study | Preventing Hip Fractures with Hip Protectors Johns Hopkins | Hip Protectors Prevent Fractures in Elderly Persons American Family Physician

How do Hip Protectors Work?

Unprotected Fall: Direct impact (force) to the greater trochanter (hip bone) which can lead to hip fracture.

With a Hip Protector: The impact (force) is dispersed to the soft tissue surrounding the hip bone. (click to enlarge images) | More Fall Prevention items.

Some scientific studies on hip protectors and clinical tests have shown that people are less likely to suffer from a hip fracture when wearing hip protectors. Other studies have shown no or limited efficacy.

Hip protectors may be a step toward hip fracture prevention and fall protection. HIProtector SafeHip, KPH, HIPS, CuraMedica and HipGuard hip protectors are preventive devices, designed to help reduce the risk of hip fractures occurring as a result of an impact to the hipbone (greater trochanter).

Hip Protector HipGuard and SafeHip SOFT for Women / SafeHip for Men from HIProtector ( is a hard-shelled hip protector. ).

Wear hip protectors if you’re at high risk of falls!

An energy shunting hip protector has a rigid shield made of durable plastic that is designed to protect (divert the energy) the bone from a direct impact. The hip protector works by leading the kinetic energy resulting from a sideways fall away from the protruding bone (greater trochanter = the greater trochanter is the name given to the upper part of the femur) onto the surrounding soft tissue.

Three (3) Basic Types of Hip Protectors:

  • Underwear with sewn-in hip protectors. HIProtector SafeHip
  • Underwear with pockets that hold the removable shields in place. HIProtector HIPS
  • Belts worn outside of your clothing. HIProtector HipGuard

    All three types can be worn over disposable underwear, if necessary.

    Non-Returnable: This product is non-returnable for hygiene reasons.

    Scandinavian countries and Australia are places in which hip protectors are widely used for fracture prevention in the elderly. In fact in Sweden, the government provides patients at risk for fractures with hip protectors because they have found this to be a cost effective way of preventing fractures.

    A secondary benefit of the hip protector may be that it makes seniors feel more secure and less afraid of falling, so they are more active; this may be important for maintaining healthy bones.

    For maximum benefit, hip protectors should be worn all the time, not just in risky situations such as icy weather. Most falls happen right inside the patient's home.

    The size of impact (force) released on a falling person has been determined, through biomechanical tests, and physical calculations, to be approximately 3 kN (kilo Newtons). As elderly people, especially women with osteoporosis, have a lower bone strength, a fall will, in many cases, lead to a hip fracture.

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    Non-Returnable: Hip Prtectors are non-returnable for hygiene reasons.

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